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8000 Watt Off Grid Power Solution

Sustainable Usable Energy

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How To Get Self-sufficient Sustainable Off Grid Power Ecological Renewable Solutions Lowering Household Costs

July 13th 2021 | Helen Taylor
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The world has been going through a crisis. The threat of global warming is real, growing day by day, the change in climatic conditions around the world can be seen on the television, online, in newspapers and magazines.

Sustainable and renewable energy is a big topic, and you cannot talk about renewables or sustainability without talking about the continued use of fossil fuels which are not an infinite source of energy for one, and secondly the physical act of burning fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, trapping heat in the process.

The jump to renewables for industries invested in fossil fuels may be a long way off but for anyone concerned about their own environmental impact and global warming, off grid systems go a long way in starting the move.

It is not just the climate causing an impact, Covid-19 swept around the world like wildfire and has changed the way people look at how they now live and work. 

Business have closed, people have lost their jobs, and this has seen a rise in business and individuals pivoting to working online.

Clouds and solar panels

Compact Quiet Off Grid Systems Reducing Your Environmental Impact

Working from home, sustainable usable energy solves the issues associated with increased power consumption. Going off grid with a power solution and solar array is not only sustainable and ecologically green but it will also solve the problem of the rising cost of energy.

Self-sufficiency with a complete off grid power solution is the way to go if you want a practical way to reduce your impact on the environment and reduce you monthly bills.

These are a great source of energy provision if you happen to live in a more remote areas where the energy supply may be temperamental, your access to the mains energy grid is not possible, or you just want to disconnect from the mains grid.

Ligthening Storm

Energy Control At Your Fingertips

The 8000 Watt Off Grid Power Solution is self-contained and fully weatherproof for use indoors or outdoors. The compact kit comes with a 110A charger, 110A transfer switch and all connectors, everything required to store the energy produced from your solar panels.

The units can be installed easily with little fuss and immediately begin generating the clean ecological energy you require. Ideal for a range of situations, the 8000 Watt Off Grid kit is sufficient to power a family home or larger buildings. Self-sufficient living has never been easier. 

The off-grid kits can be configured to your requirements, easily moved and provide you with the peace of mind that your costs will lower and your impact on the environment will steadily be reduced.

Solar power only works during the daytime so anyone who stay at home will consume more of the power generated whilst the panels are most active, savings could be in the region of £100 or more depending on location compared to those who are only home in the evenings. 

A good investment for anyone who does not work from home or who generates a lot of surplus energy from their solar panels would be a solar battery, this would store the power not used in the day that would otherwise go to waste.  

The larger the solar battery the higher the cost saving. The higher the efficiency and power of your panels the more electricity your home will generate, though they will need to be maintained and kept cleaned. The power of the photovoltaic cell is measured by kilowatt peak, kWp, which is how much energy the cell can generate at its peak in the summer months.

Most solar panels are made from silicone, monocrystalline or polycrystalline. Monocrystalline cells are smaller, last longer, are more efficient but come at a higher cost. Silicone are the less efficient but more flexible and lighter.  

Panel efficiency is determined by how much sunlight can be converted into electricity. The best panels can generate near to 25%, though the average is 15 - 20%. Energy from wind and solar are now the cheapest sources, costing less than, gas, geothermal, coal or nuclear and solar PV is the cheapest source of electricity in history. 


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